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December 27, 2006

WoW! i’ve actually found out that a number of people have been finding a lot and.. i mean a lot! about yoyo.. blazing teens.. and asia pacific yoyo championship 06..

don’t know if those are new or old yoyo players or yoyo fans alike but well.. one thing for sure.. we want you into Malaysian YoYo club if you’re a yoyo player..

i’ve been busy with auldey yoyo campaigns around Malaysia.. and definitely back from Asia Pacific YoYo Championship 06 that held in genting last 15-17th Dec.. it was awesome thou i was dead sick and cold in genting.. it was great seeing so many fella yoyo players around and especially be able to see Malaysia get 3rd placing for 2 divisions! =) will be posting pics bout it next week as i’m heading towards Johor for my last leg of Auldey yoyo campaign.. but know what.. it’s not the last.. more of YoYoing scene is out there coming right up to all of you! giving you Blast with our own Malaysian Championship..

what i’m really sad bout is this year comes to an end to Malaysia turn to host the Asia Pacific YoYo Champ.. 2007 will be in China baby.. =) hope i can go.. thou i suck in competing.. hehe =)

 Guyz! anybody that want to know more bout yoyo.. feel free to email me.. at or well.. drop by our website.. that’s well.. or well.. blazing teens at

till then! the next post! =) signing out at 1am.. =P have a great year ahead everybody! =)

i’ve a whole new resolution.. and this time.. i’m gona achieve it.. haha after all.. damn.. i’m 23..

Love You all! =)



almost christmas

December 23, 2006

Christmas time.. and it’s on Monday!

Merry early Christmas everybody! =)



December 5, 2006

man.. it’s been such a long time since i logged in here.. and eventually post a blog..

I’ve been super busy with roadshows.. lemme see.. last weekend Ipoh for 3 days.. the week before in Kuantan, Pahang for 3 days as well and the week before that i’m at Penang for few days as well.. 

crazy roadshows.. but.. i like it.. phew.. thou it’s tiring..

and the days i won’t be having my roadshows.. i would chill and well.. catch a movie or two and have to work on stuffs like assignment and etc.. phew.. sry if u still see the same old post everytime u come here.. hehe =)

but tiring isn’t a factor when you see the way i see things here.. yoyo spreading across malaysia is no doubt a great thing =) seeing different faces and knowing that u’re something they haven’t seen before.. the YoYo skills that we do is totally alien to them.. so we’re like WHOA.. a big thing to them! =) in fact.. we’re a source of inspiration.. and motivation.. and something beyond posibilities that yoyo is not just a toy.. it’s a skilled toy.. this quote has been with me for years now.. and i’ll still spread it out.. as long as god allow me to.. and that well.. it supports me and hope that it will grow more.. so i can continue spreading it throughout whole nation.. =)

i’ve been grateful of this sport that it has brought me places..

not only malaysia.. but to Jakarta, Singapore and Shanghai as well..

i’m happy..

inspired a lot of kids.. and changing perception..

the end.. =)

Hey KJ.. it’s your bday.. =P belated i mean.. hehehe

November 12, 2006

well well.. November 10th is the date my mom mark the date when she gave birth to this rascal.. hehehe =P

It was great! =) just some small celebration but.. thanks to those that sms and called me for bday wishes! =)

and special thanks to Asyraf to message me at 12:09am 10th November 2006 with this message :

“Happy birthday my friend. From Asyraf Lee and Steph. I’m in the toilet now btw.” Asyraf Lee..

LoL.. wana roll on the floor when i got that sms.. and i was on the road.. he was suppose to fetch me to go to yam char on my B’Day with Kingsley, Ivan and Josh! =) thanks.. thou i fell asleep halfway yam char.. hehehe =P

had chilis in KLCC with just Olivia and Janice on my Bday as well.. =) just small but nice nice bday gathering..

So this mark my 23th Bday..

ARGH i’m 23!~~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t believe it.. been denying that i’m 22 for a very long time.. LoL.. now kenot d.. hehehe =P

Auldey YoYo Masterz

November 6, 2006

So! now i’m auldey yoyo master =P last 2 years back.. SuperYoYo master..

so now we’re back on track travelling again!

guyz! and gurls! =) come and check out our road shows! happening everywhere.. everyweek! =)

check it out! and this.. is the schedule! check it out from the website!

and don’t forget to check out the TV show every Saturday and Sunday in the channel 8tv at 8:30am in the morning! well.. it’s the first time people acted in a series of yoyo shows.. =) thx to Auldey and the China talents la.. =P

Auldey YoYo [Blazing Teens]

and thanks to Asyraf for being my Blazing teens photographer! hehe =) he’s simply the best! =)

So far.. Asyraf.. these are the Best-est photos i’ve ever got taken for the past 7 years+

Thanks! =)

well.. Studio like photos taken in the most unexpected place! only one person guessed where’s the backdrop from! haha and that person goes to Laura! hehe =) indeed knew her best friend the best.. well.. it’s taken from Rachel’s blood red wall.. the one just next to the kitchen! hahaha =) but the best results.. trully Asyraf Lee.. hehe =)

Asia Pacific YoYo Championship 06

November 1, 2006

The most anticipated event for YoYo players is coming back to Malaysia! well.. yes.. i know 80% of you probably haven’t heard of this event but well well.. it’s not some small event that only consist of kids playing yoyos on stage.. it’s featuring some of the best.. and definitely the best yoyo players in and around Asian countries! =) countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Korea and Australia as well.

Judges? we have great experienced yoyo players from all around the world! =) namely some from Asian countries as well as Brazil, US, Australia and haven’t fully confirmed yet.. =P hehe

It’s gona be Fun! =)

check out some of the footage of the champions as well as the trailer from previous year where they held the event in Singapore..

well.. that’s just a quick glimpse of the championship!

the next video.. i hope it will pop your eyes out.. haha =P it’s from the 2nd Asia Pacific YoYo Championship held in Singapore, he’s Hiraku Fuji and so far.. he’s the best double handed yoyo player i’ve ever seen..

The next one.. he’s the fastest yoyo player in the world.. in 3 minutes.. he can hit more than a hundred tricks and he’s now.. the defending World Champion for the 3rd year and even produces his own signature yoyo by the name of Speeder.. this’s it..

after all.. it’s not all about YoYo.. =) it’s about meeting people.. trust me.. these players are all 110% friendly..even if they don’t understand English.. haha =P come and have a look at it.. come for the finals if u can’t stay!

being there is totally different from looking at these videos now.. =)

this’s the details..

Date : 15-17th December

Time : the whole day.. hehe yoyo players sleep less than 3 hours because all of us seldom meet with each other.. most of the time? sharing tricks.. doing stupid stuffs.. haha filming tricks, forcing Japanese to try Durian and etc.. hehehe =P

Official Venue : Times Square, First World Plaza, Genting Highlands

Well.. apart from that.. contact me through here if u wana go! =) or so happen you’re there in Genting..

Shanghai.. the adventure? =P

October 25, 2006

well well.. let the pictures tell my experience from here onwards..

So yea.. King, Laura, Rachel and Asyraf were there! =)  munching on supper bfore i left.. thanks fellas for escorting me all the way to airport as well.. hehe =)

then well.. head back to hotel.. but we didn’t know that it actually gets dark at 6pm.. their 6pm is like our 8pm.. so.. dinner time! =P bah..

first time jakun.. eating such rice box.. =P the organizing committee was a real havoc for the first few days.. having a HARD time communicating with them.. haha but well.. kept praying for the good.. as well.. we’re there doing for good as well.. ain’t nothing negative at all..

That breakfast place is creepy for first timer.. even for that few days.. before they fix their light la.. LoL.. it’s all dim and imagine the scene from “The eye” the hospital part where the light were all kinda dim and dark.. =P hehehe

well.. better food.. hehe a lil la..

So.. we went to the place that we suppose to perform for the next two weeks.. everyday.. don’t know what we would face later on.. don’t even know where we’re heading to.. more or less don’t know whatever that would happen for the rest of our stay in Shanghai.. LoL

blame it on the bad organizing committee.. hehehe

Ps: anyway.. if u can’t find the “Spot the Odd” picture answer.. spot the chain near the lorry then u know.. hehe

so… to be continued..

another malas blog post by KJ.. =P

argh.. so lazy to post..

October 15, 2006

bah.. shares going down.. =P hahaha due to lazy and busy stuffs.. but then!

tmrow onwards i’ll post! been saying this for the past 5 days already.. LoL..

updates on Shanghai trip! and also outdated trips with fellas back in msia.. =P

meanwhiles check out the pics from China my fellas posted up in the website..


Shanghai.. (just a short review here) [Part 1]

October 11, 2006

here i’m.. back! =) from my 2 weeks and 2 days trip.. =) argh! this blog is like useless for me as i post so lil.. but nevertheless.. here’s one.. enjoy..

It definitely felt like i’ve been there for months.. get to know so many people in such short time.. get to experience so much in such short time as well..

Countless trials and blessings.. =)

Shanghai night lights..

Scenic places..

Wonderful people..

Great Shanghainese hospitality..

Awesome food everyday..

So… i think a LOT of people would be asking me why i’m in shanghai and etc.. haha i’ve had more than 10 fellas asking me this question already..

So well.. so basically they invited me to this Children Expo held in Shanghai for two weeks.. and it’s not really money making event.. it’s an event to show kids the world.. =) and to recognize their talents as well.. here’s a link Shanghai Children Expo 

so yea.. they got me there.. everything sponsored.. except shopping.. hehe =P

Thanks to Yo-Hans.. and thanks to Dimi.. Nichy and Spinworkx for this wonderful trip.. =)

The fella i went with.. aka Ian Poh.. also singaporean and yoyo player alike.. hehe =)

Thx ian for having u on stage and travelling around as well.. and as well as my translator when i need one BADLY! hahaha =P

Anyway.. i got on MAS.. not on a turtle to go over to Shanghai.. =P

The Land of the rising sun..

Morning kinda started off very early.. very.. very EARLY.. 5+ it’s getting bright there already..

So how’s shanghai night life like? =) well.. i’ve been bragging bout the lively bright lights that lights up the city with the awesome Huang Pu river in the middle of Shanghai to serve as a port that double up as Shanghai’s main attraction and not to mention a Lover’s Den as well.. hehehe =P here it’s..

So this’s the breathtaking view of shanghai from the other side of Huang Pu river that’s called The bund..


Thanks fellas for bringing me around.. =)

 It’s just 2 weeks but it felt like I’m there for Months.. thanks to great friends.. and all your wonderful hospitality..

it’s definitely my first time and never the last.. =) I haven’t really finish touring yet! and the next time.. i’ll definitely conquer The Great Wall of China as well.. =)

There’s so many many people to thank for this trip.. randomly mention here.. by the names of Dimi, Yo-hans(Hans Van Dan Elzen), Nichy, Spinworkx, Rita, Ting Ting, Alan, Lisa, Paul, Jason, the rest of Stinky Cheese Man Crew from Dallas Children Theather, Ricki, Dorris, Elanor, Victoria, and etc. etc. etc. =) there’s just too many people to thank.. and the organising commitee of the Children Expo.. and

anyway.. i’m so sleepy now.. just a quick update.. hehe brains aren’t working.. g…o..t… to… sl…ee…p… so.. more updated laterz! =) chiowz..

Lots of happening but lazy to post again..

September 17, 2006

hahaha =P lemme see..

4th Sept = Makan Makan bersama Kingsley =P at Ampang Yong Tau Foo with Kingsley and Friends!

12th Sept = Makan Makan bersama Rames, Jenifur, and Asyraf as well at Ramen shop in Wisma Central beside KLCC.. awesome jap food..

14th Sept = Hilton KL Sentral meeting and Mari gila-gila photo =P at Tugu Negara with Kingsley, Xian Jin, Asyraf and Rachel.. Malas to link their name la.. LoL =P go find urself –> there
15th Sept = IACT Charity Prom at Eastin!

16th Sept = Alvin Ding’s Bday Partay

17th Sept today = Lepak in Xianjin’s hse and lepaking bersama sama Asyraf Lee(who kena interview/interogate by Xianjin’s mom for-more-than-1-hour-session) LoL now while typing this blog.. it’s still goin-on-and-on now.. live at Xianjin’s hse.. LoL =P

-=KJ=- signing out! Lazily..